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3" x 8" Diamond Stones

These diamond stones are perfect for hunting and fishing knives, woodworking
tools, exacto blades, axes and industrial use. No oil or water is necessary,
the surface will remain true and flat.

Model 81
3" x 8" Diamond Stone

Model Description Price
81SF Super Fine Grit (1200) $51.65
81F Fine Grit (600) $51.65
81M Medium Grit (400) $65.18
81C Coarse Grit (250) $78.65
81XC Extra Coarse (150) $124.25

Model 86
3" x 8" Diamond Stone with a Leather Pouch

86SF Super Fine Grit (1200) $56.05
86F Fine Grit (600) $56.05
86M Medium Grit (400) $69.25
86C Coarse Grit (250) $82.45
86XC Extra Coarse Grit (150) $127.45
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